Here you can find the DL links for all our releases, plus nice goodies like wallpapers or coloured pages.

Wallpaper I 1680×1050

Sidooh Chapters

Volume 5
Ch. 42Ch. 43Ch. 44Ch. 45Ch. 46
Ch. 47Ch. 48Ch. 49Ch. 50Ch. 51

Volume 6
Ch. 52Ch. 53Ch. 54Ch. 55Ch. 56
Ch. 57Ch. 58Ch. 59Ch. 60Ch. 61

Volume 7
Ch. 62Ch. 63Ch. 64Ch. 65

  1. Zannin says:

    Is it me or all the downloads not working?

  2. amy says:

    Its not just you~ they don’t work~

  3. kyoko says:

    can you upload Ch. 62 — Ch. 63 — Ch. 64 — Ch. 65 in somewhere else because the links aren’t working. thank you for your good job

  4. amy says:

    oh you can read it on if you dont mind online readers, though i do like downloading them myself >.<!

  5. superweapons says:

    Chapter 63:
    Chapter 64:

    Had to dig through #Lurk to find this. The other chapters have been up on MangaTraders for a while.

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