Status of Maboshi

Posted: March 10, 2011 by hxcguitarist in General

Hey you guys. I apologize for the lack of PR, but the group members of Maboshi have long since stopped contacting one another. After Mangahelpers took down all of their raws, things kind of came to a halt. We probably have chapter 67 cleaned and ready to go somewhere, but I have no idea who has it. As far as translation goes, well, there’s been no word.

Our translation process usually took the longest, as the lady who was doing it is German, and was using Chinese subs to translate into English. Complicated lol. I would then proofread her translation to make sure it flowed and was grammar-nazi proof. It took a lot of time none-the-less and it seemed rather pointless to continue.

We are all busy with our scholastic activities and life. The chance of us starting back up on Sidooh is minimal.

If anyone has any questions about cleaning, or proofreading, or you just want to ask me any questions about whatever, feel free to email me: hxcguitarist (AT) gmail (DOT) com



  1. Joel says:

    Thank you for the time and effort you put down into this project. It was fun while it lasted, and I hope you dont have any regrets.
    As a devoted reader and fan I wish you the best, wherever your life leads you.

    Rest in Peace Maboshi!

  2. amy says:

    *dies* ;-;

  3. amy says:


  4. Joel says:

    Damn you hxcguitarist for playing with our hearts so much!
    I loved you, I hated you, now I long for your presence once more.


  5. mo|ly says:

    i love manga, and this is so far my favorite of this mangaka’s works, but whatever works, oi. peace in whatever, :).

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