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Posted: April 27, 2010 by Vin in General


as some of you might already have noticed, the guys at have suspended their mature series at the moment. They’ll have a close look at each one to sort out those that contain pornographic images. As Sidooh contains a rape scene in chapter one and you get to see breasts several times, too, it seems that the odds for the series arent’t that good to stay on OM (this is just me speculating, I don’t really know that much about how strict that’s handled in the US in general and on OM in particular).
Of course, there are more than enough online reading pages around, most of them with better quality than OM, but still, there’s lots of people who read their manga there.
So, well, let’s see what happens. For now, no Sidooh on OM.

As a side note, I added a page for discussions, questions etc to the blog. I’m considering it as an experiment at the moment, so it’ll depend on wheter it’s going to be used by you or not if it’ll stay.
I just thought that the current chapters come with a lot of rather dramatic developments, so maybe there might be some desire to discuss them. 🙂


  1. hxcguitarist says:

    In the mean time, here is my personal favorite online reader website to go to:


  2. Locks says:

    If OM does take Sidooh down for good on their site.. It’d be very dumb and mean they’d be taking down a lot of other stuff as well that wouldn’t deserve it Imo. It’s the damn parents job to monitor their kids online time If they really care about what they’re doing on it..parents these days always blaming the internet and video games for shit.

  3. Mag says:

    No one should read manga on OM anyway. Go to

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