Chapter 42 released!

Posted: October 13, 2009 by Vin in Releases

Hey everybody,

As our very first release, we present you Sidooh chapter 42. Feel free to correct any mistakes you spot and to comment on the scanlation in general.

The chapter can be downloaded here:

or on Mangahelpers:



  1. Red Head says:

    Yay more Sidooh!! ❤ Great job guys! glad some one picked up the series again =)

  2. Vítor says:

    ty for this chapter
    im eager to read more
    im truly thankful
    kisses and hugs :@

  3. DamnedBones says:

    Guys, I can’t express my gratitude, thanks for picking up this project .
    You should notify MangaUpdates as soon as you can though, some fans may have missed this chapter.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  4. Mag says:


  5. ray says:

    thank you please keep em comin

  6. Thanks for picking this up, i thought no one was going to translate this anymore.
    Please release more new chapters if ya can

  7. Akito says:

    You people fucking rock! I’ve been waiting forever for this to be picked up~ keep up the amazing work ^o^!

  8. mono says:

    thanks for picking this series back up, it was dropped just as it was getting going!

  9. Blank says:

    Thanks! I love you, guys xD

  10. Random says:


  11. dude says:

    u GUYS ROCK!!!!
    keep up the awesome work!
    cannot wait for the next one

  12. Sidomuncul says:

    thank you very much for what you’ve done, keep up the good work !!!

  13. Fan#1 says:


    Jep thats it, simply awesome, finally someone picked it up!!!

    You guy´s are Gods

    thanks again

    and keep em comin

  14. BlackGuy says:

    Keep gping nice ^^

  15. BlackGuy says:

    Keep going nice ^^

  16. Alberto says:

    THX A LOT!
    Finally someone is doing Sidooh!

    Again THX!

  17. Bishop_45 says:

    Thanks a lot for picking up the series, Sidooh kicks ass 😀

  18. Dille says:

    Nice to see someone continuing Sidoog. Great manga.

    Since you asked to point out mistakes…
    Scans your using are very low quality and because of that there is a lot of noise in places where the contrast between black and white is high. This can be easily fixed by… getting better raws(lol) OR leveling pages. I suggest setting blacks to 38 and whites to 249.
    In case you don’t know how to level stuff: Image>Adjustments>Levels type in the numbers and press ok.
    (If you make an action for this you can re-level this chapter in less than 2min)
    Made a image so you can see the difference between a leveled an un leveled page >>>
    The second thing that bothers me is the file-name you have given this chapter… it should be “Sidooh_v05_c42[SSP]” not “Sidooh 42”

    I hope that my comment will be helpful to you and that a release called “Sidooh_v05_c42v2[SSP]” sees the light of day soon.

  19. vO_x says:

    you are doing really great work there 🙂 *worship*
    keep the it up !

    since i know someone’s picked it up , i can’t wait for the next chapter 😉

    greetings from germany 🙂

  20. Orange says:

    There is good left in the universe. Sidooh is back!

  21. savvy says:

    at last! something god happened! thanks!

  22. Kalam says:

    You guys are the shit! XD

    Sidooh is one great manga, thanks for picking this up!

    God bless and more power to your group!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Can you upload this in mediafire? It would be awesome if some one could upload the whole of Vol.5 scanlation on mediafire as it is nowhere to be found on the net. Mangatrader have uploaded it on their server but its too slow and download is not continuable.

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